Thursday, March 26, 2009

Branding in Video Games Compilation

This is to compile links to all the posts I have been making on video game branding over the last couple weeks, for easy browsing.

1. Building Brand Equity for Your Game
Discusses the brand potential of a video game title, franchise branding and ways of building up pre-franchise brand equity.

2. Escape from Death Spiral of Franchise Branding in Video Games
Advantages and dangers of common franchise branding practice in the industry. Also introduces and explains the concept of Experience Franchising as an alternative to genre-focused franchises.

3. More on Franchise Branding
Summarizes the comments I have received on my previous post and expands the discussion around them.

4. Other Branding Methods in Video Games

4.1 Designer Branding
Examples and advantages of designer branding, why it is a good thing and why we do not see much of it.

4.2 Developer Branding
Explains the lack of developer branding as a result of the fundamental problems of the industry business model.

4.3 Publisher Branding
Explains why it works for some and why it does not for others, taking other branding methods into perspective. Gives examples to best practice and... not very best practice.

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